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2018 Four Seasons 4th of July2018 IFD Darrell Hall Retirement2018 KR Elite 2nd Annual Movie Night - Avengers2018 Medal Of Honor Motorcade2018 Irving Teen Court Banquet2018 Officer David Sherrard Funeral2017 Vernon Wells Perfect 10 Charity2017 Law Enforcement Night Texas Rangers2017 Irving Teen Court Banquet2017 Irving Cares The Great Harvest2017 Aces in the Hole Casino Night2017 Family Reunion2016 Vernon Wells Perfect 10 Charity Tournament2016 Irving Teen Court Banquet2016 David Hofer Funeral2016 DART Officer Thompson's Funeral2016 Aces in the Hole Casino Night2015 JAF Week 2 Talent Show2015 JAF LuncheonPhillip Dunn IFD Retirement2018 Red White and Boom Dallas