Toyota Music Factory2.6.21 Julia Hatfield @ The Texican2.5.21 Alex Aguilar @ Mama Tried1.30.21 Lacey Ingram @ Mama Tried1.8.21 Alex Aguilar @ Mama Tried1.2.21 Alex Aguilar @ The Rustic3.6.2021 Alex Aguilar Rustic Dallas3.20.2021 Alex Aguilar @ Silver Saloon3.20.2021 Stoney Larue @ Silver Saloon4.10.2021 Alex Aguilar Rustic Houston4.24.2021 Alex Aguilar Mama Tried Deep Ellum7.4.2021 Alex Aguilar @ Irving Independence Day6.5.2021 Alex Aguilar. Arlington, Texas5.8.2021 Alex Aguilar Mama Tried TMF5.28.2021 Alex Aguilar Texas Lottery Plaza6.5.2021 Sam Riggs Texas Lottery Plaza6.12.2021 Alex Aguilar Texas Lottery Plaza9.4.2021 Alex Aguilar Southern Junction7.30.2021 Alex Aguilar Flying Saucer3.25.2022 Granger Smith @ Billy Bobs4.19.2022 Cole Swindell and DJ SilverTexas Lottery Plaza 9/18/20208/8/2019 A Hard Nights DayMama Tried Grand Opening Day 1 10/10/195.30.2019 Joe Diffie & Vincent Neal Emerson6/20/2019 Campus Radio6/27/2019 Who's Best6/29/2019 Chant Duplantier7/4/2019 PriMadonna & In Halen7/11/2019 Revolution 97/13/2019 Larry Gee7/18/2019 Texas Flood8/1/2019 Forever MacRoger Creager & Mama Tried Day 2 10/11/19Justin Tiption & The Troublemakers 10/19.19Ransom Rhodes at Mama Tried 10/19/19Little Lies & Halloween 10/26/1911.2.2019 Day of the Dead Fest1.16.2020 Alex Aguilar at Mama Tried1.18.2020Mama Tried & Mercy Bar1.25.2020 Mama Tried, Mercy Bar & Firefly11.16.2020 DJ GNGR TLP & Rodney Smith at Mama Tried6.20.2020 Alex Aguilar at Mama Tried (w/ Julia Hatfield)6.20.2020 Julia Hatfield at Texican Court